Love Lessons Reviews

First off I would like to thank Ms. Grimble for allowing me to review her wonderful novel. I must say this book had me on edge the entire time. I couldn’t finish a page fast enough without wondering what was on the next. This story is great a lot of young women can relate to this. I really enjoyed it and I am thrilled that Stacy left that clown Patrick alone. Ronnie is a great guy. I am looking forward to reading the second installment. I know its just as good as the first one. I will definitely mention this book to the ladies as a BOTM. Great work!
*****Chenise A. Brown, Camden, NJ

This book is awesome! It is definitely a page turner. The first time I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down and by the time I did I was half finished and ready to pick it up again! It is a real life story that speaks on real life issues! I love the way every aspect was well written, detailed and the language was down-to-earth and age relevant! Terren placed, you as the reader, into the book so it made you feel like you were there experiencing each twist and turn with them and you find yourself either cheering or being yelling advice or crying! You experience every emotion in this book. Ms. Jackson and Mr. Morgan are well depicted, they are so believable! Each character reminds you of someone you know! The way it was written from each person’s perspective was genius that really helped us to get inside of the character and relate strongly with each! Being a FAMU graduate, I could totally relate with this book and found myself reminiscing! Terren, you did an awesome job with this book!! Not only am I anxiously awaiting the sequel…I cannot wait for the screenplay!!! Be blessed and continued Success!!!
*****Romona Jackson, Gainesville, FL

Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I could relate to Stacey and Ronnie’s relationship on so many levels. Great love story. No relationship is perfect but if your love for one another is strong enough, you can get through anything. I would definitely recommend you read this book. Excellent job..very well written. 2 Thumbs Up to Terren!
*****Glenda Womack, Washington, DC

For anyone who remembers the confusion of young love this book will make those memories come rushing back. This book details to sweet and poignant love story of two college sweethearts as they struggle to find their place in the world and make sure they don’t lose each other. It shows us that even love that is strong can have difficulty staying true. It reminds us that no matter how much you love someone; outside force can make you doubtful and unsure. If you have found your soul mate or if you have ever loved someone down to your very soul, this book is for you. Grimble writes with an insight and a passion that makes you know exactly what each character feels. This is a must read!
*****Ethel Jones, Covington, GA

What an awesome story! This book was so sensual! It has such a feel good message throughout the entire book. I could not put this book down! I can not tell you how much I really, really enjoyed this book. Wow! It made me want to go back to college and have fun again. I’m a Delta just like my girl Stacey! The relationship that Stacey and Ronnie had was second to none! There were so many Love Lessons in this book and they are so real! I have to say that this book is another one that will go on my list of “ The Best Books That I Have Ever Read” list ! I am so very glad that I read the reviews on this book and that I placed my order. This author has a very bright future in the writing industry. Terren Grimble, I hope that you are working on your next novel because, girl, You Got It Goin’ On! I love your writing style. This book was filled with some of the best character dialogue that I have ever read. What I like about a great romance novel is the dialogue between the characters and boy, did we get that in this book. You will absolutely love the main characters Stacey, Ronnie, Stacey best friend Ericka and her boyfriend Dave. Also, the families of both Stacey and Ronnie were so real and I just loved them. Terren, please keep up the good work and get your next book out now! I hope there will be a sequel or spin off to this book. I would love to see how Stacey and Ronnie are doing in the A-T-L and maybe see if Stacey’s twin Tracy, has found a woman that can make him turn in that “playa’s card”. Please don’t sleep on this one. You will be sorry! It’s one of my favorite romance novels!
*****Rhonda Thomas, Houston, TX

First let me say, Terren Grimble did an excellent job on her first novel. This was truly a page turner for me. The storyline was real and the characters were truly down to earth. I could truly relate to Stacey on so many levels. I love the way the story unfolded into what I considered to be a modern day romance. With the loving support of her family, her BFF Ericka and the desire to be with Ronnie, the man she loved, Erica took control of her negative situation and turned it into a positive. Through it all, Stacey still showed compassion and forgiveness to Patrick, her abusive boyfriend. This made me evaluate how I should be more forgiving in my relationships with my loved ones. I’m patiently waiting for the sequel! Who could possibly move to the ATL and not have a story to tell!
*****Yvonne Powell, Atlanta, GA