I was born in Washington, DC but raised in Prince George’s County, MD - a suburban area of DC. After graduating from Largo High School, I traveled to the “Highest of the Seven Hills” of Tallahassee to attend the illustrious Florida A&M University where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. I have been married to my college sweetheart for over 18 years and we have two beautiful daughters, Brianna and Brittney. I started writing as a pre-teen. Some middle school friends and I were madly in love with New Edition and would write short stories about meeting them. As I got older, writing turned into a passion for me. I love to develop the characters and see how the story unfolds. The basic story for Love Lessons was actually written during those early middle school years. Of course the story evolved a great deal since that time but it was birthed from the whole secret crush thing that goes on when you’re young. I set the book during the college years of the main characters because I know this time in a young person’s life is very pivotal in moving from one stage of life to another. You’re not only learning from books but you’re beginning to learn about yourself as well. Love Lessons touches on several different love relationships we all have and what we learn as we navigate through them.

I originally had no plans to do a sequel to Love Lessons. I had actually started on a totally different story but I was getting so many inquiries from friends and readers about what was going to happen with Stacey and Ronnie. So I had to give the people what they wanted!! It took some time, but finally Love Changes was born. In this novel, my goal was to show that no matter how much you love and really want to be with someone, things are going to change within your relationship and how you handle those changes, will dictate whether your relationship succeeds or fails.

There have been some rumbles from some of those same friends and readers about a third installment with Stacey and Ronnie; possibly a spin-off with Erika and Dave or Stacey’s brother Tracy but that’s not going to happen…at least I don’t think so! For now, my next book is a bit out of the box for me, not as romancey (if that’s a word) but I think my readers will enjoy it nonetheless.